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July 29, 2011
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I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh except for the story.


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Okay the pic is up again. I hope in the future stories I wrote, you fave not only because of the picture but also enjoyed the story.


If you don't like Yaoi (boyxboy) relationship, then you can forget about reading this.

*Note - All my cross-stories I have been writing take place with Yami already know his real name as Atemu but still in Yugi's body. Only those who have gone through with him and his new found bestfriends Yusei and Judai, knew of his name


[Minor]Cross-shipping (Yusei x Yami)


//--Atemu's POV--//

...Atemu....I love you....

"To think Kaiba...have been feeling this way towards me all this time it a genuine love or...just a false one to make me drop my guard when we duel again?" The former Pharaoh slowly opens his eyes and stares down at the black floor.

Eversince yesterday, the day Kaiba admits something-- Something unusual to me, his love towards me, my mind have been uneasy and my body shaking restlessly all night. Even hands are still I yearn for him for

"I guess I have to find out on my own but for now...I better greet Aibou morning first in this new day". With that, I fade off and silently appears again, sitting on Yugi's bed.

"Good Morning Aibou"

"Morning Mou Hitori No Boku", replied the little one with his cheerful smile. My faithful partner, Mutuo Yuugi. He has the same tri-colored hair as me except without the lightning bolts shooting out and have round innocent eyes -- which kinda makes him look like a baby panda. Anyways, because of him, I was released, to have friends again and regain my name. He's really a life saver.

With a few more adjustments to his bangs, Yugi is done dressing up in black bondage, which I prefer to be in when taking over his body.

"How are the drinks at the new cafe taste like yesterday?" He smiled to his reflection in the mirror.

His words snapped me back to reality without myself knowing I have been staring blankly towards him all this time -- Heh..lucky me, Aibou didn't notice that. I looked damn retarded actually with a blank stare.

"...huh? Oh the new cafe Judai dragged us. Though I never drink coffee...they tasted heavenly"

"Heavenly" ...the coffee is not the only thing that tasted heavenly yesterday

"Really? If it does tasted that good, I'm gonna try it later on!"
"hehe alright. We can go there now if you want Aibou. Oh, ask Judai on the location or ask him to bring you there"
"Alright. I will. Thanks!"

-- At the Cafe --

//--Yusei's POV--//

My life usually stayed in my garage and well, didn't do much unless there's some evil doing or so outside. However nowadays, eversince I knew Judai and Atemu, it's always an active day for me everytime. Today, we are going out again to the new cafe Judai brought us yesterday -- only this time, Yugi wanted to taste it. I wondered at times how they eat. Heh...

"Hey Yusei, why are you smiling about?", poked Judai, our hyperactive friend.
"Huh? Oh um..nothing. I just remembered something funny that's all"
"Funny? Oooo!! I love jokes! Come on tell us Yusei!"
"mmm~ this coffee is really heavenly!" Yugi blushed to the taste in his mouth.
"Haha! See? This place rocks!"
"mhm~ I agree with you Judai-kun"

It's weird...I didn't realise that I am smiling still and kept silent almost throughout the whole conversation. At one point, I can feel my blood rush up to my cheeks as though I'm blushing.

"Allow me Yugi-san", smirks Judai.

I slowly blinked my eyes only to be jerked back heavily with a pair of big brown eyes stared into mine, which almost caused me to fall off my chair. "J-JUDAI!! Get away from me!!"

"Oooooo~ somenone's blushing~" Judai poked my cheeks around teasingly with a cat smile.

...h-he's kidding...r-right?..

"No I'm not! Stop doing that!", pushed Judai's face away.
"But are blushing" Yugi holds out a portable mirror in front of my face and to my shock, I am blushing...and it's getting even redder slowly. I almost wanted to yell -- "What the hell is going on with me?!!" towards the sky and smashed the mirror.

"Looks like our Yusei here is in love or something hehe~" Judai locks an arm around my neck and smiles happily to me -- mostly creepy to my eyes. "So~ come on, tell us who are you in love with Yusei? Don't keep secrets from us"
"I told you, I am not blushing because of a person! Just something funny!", I pouted.

As the time goes by, they both kept poking me on the blush I made. I almost felt like running away from them but hey, I am a calm-minded person who achieved "Clear Mind". So I played pretend of not hearing their questions about the blush. It's really fun and funny when watching Judai losing his cool and throws tantrum but not for long, our giggles and chuckles are being interrupted by a voice which irritated Judai the most.

A CEO, wearing a white dress-like coat stands by our table and looks down at us sharply. "Yugi, I want a word with the other Yugi now and make it fast as I don't want to waste my precious time with you losers"

"Um..sure Kaiba" Yugi puts down the cup and hovers his hand by the puzzle's sides to begin the switch when Judai interferes. "Don't do it Yugi!! Since he said he doesn't want to waste his precious time with "losers".."
"You Kuriboh! Stay out of our convo!"
"Oh yeah?!! MAKE ME BINKY BOY!!"

Kaiba growled and gives a deathglare towards Judai, who returns the glare back.

"Judai, it's alright" A deep, consoling voice speaks out. "He will keep on staying here if he didn't get what he wants".

Thump Thump..

A sudden bloodrush erupts their way up to my cheeks again upon hearing the voice. What-..?..this feeling...don't tell me I'm...blushing again? I took a glance down at the mirror and to my horror, it's much more redder than before! It's MADLY red!!

"Oh Stardust...I' I-..? I turned slightly towards the voice and noticed Yugi have already switched with the Pharaoh. Despite the strong beating in my chest, I keep my cool and shakes off the blush before looking fully at him.

Judai turns to the voice and blinks slightly at Atemu."I don't know how you can put up with a jerk like him...He's far worst than Manjoume - the Egotist and Pervert in One body".

Before Atemu can open his mouth to answer, Kaiba grabs his arm and drags him off his seat. "Come on, stop stalling time".

"H-Hey! Kaiba! Stop pulling me!", struggled the young Pharaoh but Kaiba's grip is too strong. Within minutes, they disappeared around the corner.

"Man that Kaiba jerk!! You bring back our friend you hear me!!!", yelled Judai angrily.

My gaze slowly followed their trail to where they took and to the corner they have disappeared. A sudden uneasy feeling kicks in my stomach, jerking me slightly.

"what the? something bad going to happen over there between them?"

Usually when an uneasy feeling kicks in me, there's bound to be something bad or evil going to happen -- and it does. So, I had to follow.

"Judai, I'll be right back. Nature calls"
"Alright, I'll be waiting!"

Silently I walked down the same path they took and comes to a stop near the next corner as their voices start to be heard. I pressed my back against the wall to hide as much as I can and listens carefully to their conversations -- or better yet, a heated argument.

//--Atemu's POV--//

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT FOR?!! YOU ALMOST TORE MY ARM OFF LIKE A RAG DOLL!!" Is the first thing I had to let it out off my chest. It's not a good start for sure...although I am actually happy to meet him again but the way he did just now, makes my blood boiled -- And I am one of many people who will explode easily.

"I'm sorry dear...", he apologize softly. "I just...wanted to get your attention fast and to be alone with you. Guess I'm a bit impatient.."

"You are! I understand that you are eager to see me again through your eyes. So do I...but to cut me off the conversation with Judai like that?!" I turned away angrily but was stopped halfway and turned back to face him fully. Kaiba looked down at me with eyes filled with something...loneliness? ..or lust?

He slowly strokes my cheek gently with his index finger, leaving a burning trail behind on my skin that sends a shiver down my spine. His blue, warm eyes are locked into mine that somehow makes me in a trance.

"" His name slip out of my lips unconsciously.

Yusei blinked to the scene and questions starts to pour in his mind. He leans more out from the corner to see clearly as Kaiba slowly leans forward towards the wall. "what...are they doing?"

My legs unconsciously move on their own and soon feels a wall pressing against my back which snaps me out from the trance. Before I knew it, Kaiba's face is inches away from mine and was about to kiss. My blood starts to boil again and shoves him off me hard.

"What is that for?! I thought you also wanted this alone time together too?!", he growled.

"I do!! But not like this or in public!! Besides! You can't just ignored what you've done to my friends just now with your rotten attitude! I'm going back to them. Thanks for ruining the "happy" time with your rude acts on me and them".

I can feel Kaiba's intensed eyes watching after me as I turned my back and walked away. Suddenly, a firm tight grip squeezes on my arm and tug me back hard against the wall. I shut my eyes to the force and cried out as my back of the head slams hard against the unforgiving wall, causing my vision to blur.

"Don't you walk away from me! We are not done here!", he growled more as he pins my arms on the walls behind.

"But I am!! So let go!!!", I yelled back and gives a deathglare at him despite my vision has yet regain fully from the blur. I struggled vigorously against him to loosen his grips but it only made him grip even tighter. I yelled out a scream as the pain in my arms intensify which Kaiba quickly took an opportunity to silence me with a kiss. I stared at him with wide eyes and scream in the kiss.

"...this is I w-wanted be..." I shifted my eyes slowly away from Kaiba's as my body slowly gives in, unable to fight back anymore. As my vision begins to get clear, tears started to well up in my eyes. At this point, all I wanted to do now, is to run away and shut myself in the puzzle.

Kaiba continues on to kiss me passionately when suddenly, he is being pulled away hard from behind. "Who dares doing that to me?!"

"I am", Yusei answered straight with his usual emotionless look in the face.

"Get your hand off me, Satelite Boy", Kaiba smacks away Yusei's hand but to be gripped again and this time, it's tighter. Yusei mean business.

"I won't let you hurt my bestfriend again". With a flash, Yusei pulled Kaiba's arm hard towards him and slams him against the opposite wall behind. Despite being shorter than Kaiba, Yusei have a better build due to his martial art skills obtained back when he's just a child in order to survive.


Kaiba stumbles slowly away from the wall to recover and glares angrily. "!! You want to pick a fight with me?!!

Yusei slowly stands in front of me protectively and cracks his fingers. "Sure...Bring it on Binky Boy".
A part 2 continuation story from "Trap - Hidden Feelings".

I finally make a new chapter for this story!! It's long I last made a new fanfic and I decided to try and continue on this one ^^

It's been really sweet that Kaiba has feelings for Atemu but does he take too far on it and being impatient on wanting to make their relationship further?

Hope you enjoy reading it ^^

Part 1 - [link]
Part 3 - [link]
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